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Fred (CONT'D)
Oh, that must be the doctor!
(he stands and kisses the top of her head)
I'll be right back. Why don't you read one of your books while I'm gone, okay? I love you.
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Open on a large bedroom filled with sunlight. There are clothes and toys strewn on the floor. Kids can be faintly heard playing outside the "window," which is on an imaginary wall downstage. The bed is covered with fluffy linens, and pillows are stacked at the head. There is a single door to the left, and the bed is in the middle. To the right, a large chair with an ottoman sits, the chair stacked with things. A young girl of about 10 lays on the bed on her stomach, wearing a robe. She hums mindlessly. A man in his early 30s walks in, wearing a flannel t-shirt and shorts. His hair is wet, and he rubs it dry with a towel.

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