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Bailey Beaux has never really fit in. Not only is everyone around her so open about themselves, but they also seem so sure of who they are.
First day of school, she's already met 3 of the social cliques: Jocks, Cheerleaders, and the Outcasts. Bailey befriends 2 popular and all the Outcasts, but she still doesn't know what's going on and continues to keep all the stress to herself.
Eventually, she cracks under the pressure, forcing her to Open Up to her friends. After hearing what she has to say, they decide to set out on an adventure of self discovery...
On their way, they find hidden disputes, secret crushes, and deep dark things about themselves that NONE of them expect...

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I don't think he's the best fit for me anyways...
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...what if it was a BeetleJuice inspired ORIGINAL character?
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I don't think hr
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Not to be THAT person, but three weeks is a pretty long time to disappear without an explanation. It might set off an amber alert.
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