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MarthaDavila20 added dialogue in "Part1" on 11/25/2013. MarthaDavila20 made 11 other changes. more
"I wish I could of seen that something was wrong with her. But I was so blind not see that she was going through hell. I honestly it could of happened in a different way. I don't blame myself like she said I shouldn't but it's just to hard."
MarthaDavila20 inserted a slugline in "Part1" on 11/22/2013. MarthaDavila20 made 9 other changes. more
INT. Interior - MOrning
MarthaDavila20 edited dialogue in "Part1" on 11/21/2013. MarthaDavila20 made 13 other changes. more
"It was my fault because maybe if I had not decided to tell her that we were moving, none of this would of happened. I feel even worse because last night we had a big fight over something that was just a shadow from the past, but Median couldn't let go of the fact that her dad had died."
MarthaDavila20 edited an action in "Part1" on 11/21/2013. MarthaDavila20 made 72 other changes. more
Mariana called 911 , and they were going to pick up Median's body in a couple of minutes. Mariana steps back in the room, then hears knocking at the door realizing that it was the police who had come to pick up the body.
MarthaDavila20 edited an action in "Part1" on 11/21/2013. MarthaDavila20 made 14 other changes. more
Ana honks at Median, once she sees her.

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