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OSHA safety video
A detailed video explaining the safety rules and regualtions of working in the work area to keep yourself and other safe.

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Ricewarrior added an action in "Hammer Time!!!" on 08/26/2009. Ricewarrior made 24 other changes. more
(Pause, credits roll music, possibly bloopers)
Ricewarrior edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 08/24/2009. Ricewarrior made 2 other changes. more
(He explains what OHSA is and explains why the safety rules and regulations are important)
zdawg0410 inserted an action in "Hammer Time!!!" on 08/24/2009. zdawg0410 made 13 other changes. more
Workplace Organization
Ricewarrior added an action in "Hammer Time!!!" on 08/24/2009. Ricewarrior made 6 other changes. more
Brandon: Hurray for organization!
zdawg0410 added an action in "Hammer Time!!!" on 08/24/2009. more
V.O: Thanks to Tyler's concern, another potential accident was prevented

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