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The raids, remember, is when the Sultan´s army comes and recruits new boys to train in their army.
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Okay, okay, Kosta. Settle down and we'll figure out plans tomorrow. Now, run along off to bed, it's getting late.
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Fantastic! Let´s begin!
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I am Murad the first, the first sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Welcome to our puppet show about the Ottoman Empire that we like to call Tale of a Janissary. The Ottoman Empire was founded with me at its head in the 13 hundreds, and went on for over six centuries, with over 30 rulers. I was the first emperor of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the first ruler who had an army of Janissaries at my disposal. The idea of Janissaries was conceived by yours truly. A Janissary was a soldier of mine. They were taken from their villages during the Devshirme, and converted from Christianity to Islam. These solders trained to be the best army in the Empire's reach. Everyone lived in the lap of luxury during their stay at my palace. Even though the boys were all slaves, they felt welcomed, and liked being a part of my army. Have you ever been in a situation that seemed good, but really was harmful?
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Then listen up to our story of a young boy who experienced the life of a Janissary firsthand.
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NARRATOR enters in front of the stage. Villagers milling about.

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