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After her life comes crashing down, Ellie develops an eating disorder. After that starts to take over her life and with a grueling intervention with her best friend who has no idea, she decides it's time to come clean and start her life over for the better.

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rosebud65943 added dialogue in "Fuck you, life" on 01/03/2010. rosebud65943 made 46 other changes. more
I'm so sorry.
rosebud65943 added dialogue in "You Feel" on 01/03/2010. rosebud65943 made 6 other changes. more
Because you feel so deeply, Ellie. You internalize it all. You walk so heavy and I didn't know what to do when you were pushing me away.
rosebud65943 deleted a slugline in "Fuck you, life" on 01/02/2010. rosebud65943 made 97 other changes. more
INT. int. bedroom - day
rosebud65943 created this project! on 12/31/2009. more

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