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An intriguing woman comes into a student’s life, appearing everywhere he is. Puzzled by the woman and fixated, he decides to dig deeper. Soon after the stalking begins he finds out that she has another follower of ill will. In a dangerous game of cat and mouse our protagonist finds himself in a dilemma over protecting an innocent woman. After defending her life, or what he thinks is defense, he succumbs to justice when she turns him in, leaving no trace of her master set-up behind.

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Recent changes

lhfoster inserted an action in "Scene 3" on 04/05/2012. lhfoster made 3 other changes. more
Marlene is shown ordering her daily coffee as Shane's voiceover knows her exact order by heart.
ekstern edited dialogue in "Scene 4" on 04/05/2012. ekstern made 5 other changes. more
pulls up in his car and yells at Marlene out of the window
(make big gestures to get point across)
dasmir92 joined the project! on 04/05/2012. more
lhfoster edited dialogue in "Scene 5" on 04/04/2012. lhfoster made 5 other changes. more
Comes back and starts a fight with Eric to enrage him. When Eric gets forceful she tells Shane to shoot her husband so he doesn't kill her.
cpfeleko joined the project! on 04/04/2012. cpfeleko made 2 other changes. more

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