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PhilFranjo added dialogue in "The Corner Store" 8 months ago. more
That'll be 11.50 boop boop daboop i dont know where i am going boop
PhilFranjo edited an action in "EXT. GHETTO STREET - SUNRISE" 8 months ago. PhilFranjo made 31 other changes. more
He takes a few steps, and pulls out a cigarette carton. Only one cigarette remains. He grabs it, lets out a sigh, and lights it. It abruptly cuts to a cigarette butt being thrown on the ground in the foreground and Dan entering a corner store with the iconic ding noise, unfocused in the background.
PhilFranjo added an action in "This is your first scene." 8 months ago. PhilFranjo made 9 other changes. more
He stumbles out of the case and squints his eyes, observing the road in front of the window.
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