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A man must overcome a number of problems and tie up some loose ends at work before he takes a month vacation. All Rights Reserved

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Haboogie edited dialogue in "Ext. The Docks - Day" two years ago. Haboogie made 14 other changes. more
You see, she needs to make her way to the Bahamas and the captain could use some help getting her there. All we have to do is help out a bit and that's it. And the best part is, we know the captain.
Bethanyblackmon added a comment to Over in 8 Hours two years ago. more
where it say good morning sunshine how my big strong bear today instead of bear you should put man
Haboogie added dialogue in "Ext. The Docks - Day" two years ago. Haboogie made 49 other changes. more
Welcome aboard the Loose Goose, gentleman. You don't
Haboogie edited an action in "Int. Hospital - Psych Wing - Day" two years ago. Haboogie made 3 other changes. more
where Dr. Singh sits, reading a book. A few NURSES are looking at their monitors.
Haboogie added dialogue in "Int. Peter's Hospital Room - Day" two years ago. Haboogie made 42 other changes. more
Not exactly. I have some things in mind.

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