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Int. Sitting in living room

drdobgyn - on 11/12/2011

Max is busy getting the table together for a romantic dinner with his girl friend, lighting candles chilling champagne and looking at the engagement ring.

drdobgyn - on 11/13/2011 2 versions.

Voice Over

drdobgyn - on 11/12/2011

She is it. You are ready to make that move. You've have come to that point in your life when you've decided that you have fucked enough bitches and its time to settle down.

drdobgyn - on 11/12/2011 2 versions.


drdobgyn - on 11/12/2011

Max now looking up and visualizing all the women that he has been with over the years ie Black, White Asian group encounters and threesomes. He smiles starts to reach down towards his crotch. He catches himself shakes is head and sees the face of his girl friend.

drdobgyn - on 11/12/2011

Voice Over Pitch man walking out

drdobgyn - on 11/13/2011 3 versions.

She said she's only been with a couple of nigga's buuuutt are you really sure about that? You love her but you know what? Bitches lie all the time. so how can you be sure that its only been a couple of niggas anyway?

drdobgyn - on 11/13/2011 2 versions.

Until now you had to believe the trick but not anymore.

drdobgyn - on 11/14/2011 2 versions.

Pitch man holds up a document with a large water mark P on it

drdobgyn - on 11/13/2011

Pitchman:Now you can get a "P" Fax. What is a P Fax? A P Fax tells you how many muthafuckas got that ass. Memba that nigga Dante'that she said was only a friend....that nigga hit that shit in the closet. When she said that she never liked having her ass played with....that nigga Dre' was all in that shit.

drdobgyn - on 11/14/2011 7 versions.

While Pitchman is talking we see Max looking over the P Fax getting more distressed as he visualizes his girlfriend with various men. He's flipping page after page looking more and more distressed.

drdobgyn - on 11/14/2011 2 versions.

Max visualizes his girl in various sexual situations with multiple men, women, midgets, groups etc.

drdobgyn - on 11/14/2011

Pitchman (looking at P Fax shaking his head with a smirk because he remembers that he was with the girl himself) Flash to pitchman and girl having sex in parking lot.

drdobgyn - on 11/14/2011 2 versions.

Pitchman looking into camera smiling: well damn!!

drdobgyn - on 11/20/2011 3 versions.

Yolanda is seen coming through the door and as she enters we see Max walking towards her. He throws the P Fax at her and shoves her out of the way to leave. As he approaches door a small book hits Max in the back of the head. He stops turns around and looks at the book and on the cover it says D Fax. He looks up and sees Yolanda coming towards him yelling at him and waving her finger at him, in stereotypical fashion. Max puts his hand up as if hes trying to explain himself.

drdobgyn - on 11/20/2011

We see Pitch man holding D Fax looking into the camera:

drdobgyn - on 11/20/2011 2 versions.

Ladies if yu think you have a shady nigga then why don't you get the D Fax and if you have questions about yo nigga and his best friend, (pitchman using finger quotes) then get The DA Fax, cause you know them two are to damn close.

drdobgyn - on 11/20/2011

The P Fax....The D Fax and The DA fax don't go down the aisle without it.

drdobgyn - on 11/20/2011
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