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Well, you know things haven't always been easy for me. If it wasn't for my grandmother dragging me to this place once a week, I'd probably be in the dirt right now. It took forever and a day for me to buy into everything y'all was feeding us. When I started to grasp what was being taught here, things started to turn around. I got sober, I got a solid job, I meet a nice girl, and me and my moms got back on speaking terms. Hearing you preach awhile back, I completely understood what you meant about finding peace within Christ. Learning how to submit. Then, all of a sudden, things started unraveling. After that sermon, Sarah left me for another guy, I got laid off from my job, and my mom found out that lump on her chest was what we had feared. All of sudden it was like "what"? Didn't I do everything right? Didn't I obey him and follow his word? I was low man. And I'm used to the bottom. But this was something next level, you know? Of course, the old crew called me three days ago. Just my luck. I had been denying them for the past couple years. This time around, I was in no mood to turn them down. They let me know about this spot that would be empty for the week. A friend of a friend let the boys know about a nice little treasure they family kept locked up in the master bedroom. I wanted to say no...I also needed to feel good again. To feel...powerful again. So, tonight we hit the place. Security was little to none, we got in, and found exactly what we were looking for. When I cracked the safe, there was nothing. Well, by nothing I mean a stupid silver dollar that was over, like, a hundred years old. It was nice, but it wasn't no holy grail. We were about to dip but all of a sudden I was guilt trippin. I told my dawgs I had to get it back to where it belonged. They wanted to stop me but they knew better. I told them to wait while I put the coin back. I get up to the room and as I head to the safe, the door creeks open. I know my boys know better so I say to who ever is there to stop playing games! The door busts open and I'm freaked out. Without thinking I reach for the strap and fire a couple shots in the dark. And...I find a light switch. It...It was there kid. He couldn't have been older than 5 or 6. I guess parents were the only ones gone. Some girl, probably the babysitter, comes out of her room, all frantic and shit. She sees me and this headless little body in front of me. And she scream her freaking head off. Next thing I know, I hear my ride jet out and all the lights are on. I ran out the back. I ran as far as I could.

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