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Two young men from Jersey try to make a name for themselves in the hottest club near Hell's Kitchen, Pacha NYC.

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INT. Pacha the hottest club in nyc. Originally from iBiza, spain, pacha Has become one of the premier clubs of nYc.Our story starts in orange, new jersey Where two young men are living the good life. Partying evEry nIght, theSe men were well known throughout thE whole jersey area. They are leGends of the garden state in their own right. Adam "dice" Evans is a 23 year old street dancer who has the best moves knoWn to man. A half black half white mixed man he also has very good handsome good looks and does well with the lAdies. He is joined by his childhood friend marcus Anderson. A young man 22 years old. Marcus isn't great of a dancer but has inspirations of being a famous rapper and has written many lyrics but has a hard timE getting hIs material out
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No sweat. I ain't forcin u or Marc but if u want to make a name for yourself and for the whole east coast to know you, then Pacha's is the place to do it.
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No I wasn't. I was just expressin my opinion.

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