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H. R. Ocampo was a leading figure in modern Philippine art. He was a member of the Saturday Group of artists founded by
Cesar Legaspi.
He also formed the triumvirate of neo-realists with Vicente S. Manansala and Cesar Legaspi. His artworks were nationalistic and reflected the harsh realities of the country after World War II. However, many of his works also depicted the beautiful Philippine landscape. He studied law, commerce and creative writing, and first became a writer before he got into the visual arts. He was also in the script department of Palaris Feler and Fernando Poe Productions after the war. Ocampo divided his years as an artist into stages: Amorsolo period in which his works were influenced by painter Fernando Amorsolo; proletarian period in which his works reflected the realities of that time; transitional period in which his works became more complex and stylized; mutants period in which his works were inspired by the science fiction film “The Beginning of the End,” which was about strange forms mutated by nuclear explosions; and visual melody period in which his works attained a richer abstract style. H. R. Ocampo passed away in Caloocan City on December 28, 1978.
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