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Grammy nominated Pato Banton, what lead him to never give in. his rise to success and becoming a minister.

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SueannaRoseMadison added a slugline in "Introduction to Pato Banton" on 08/10/2013. SueannaRoseMadison made 47 other changes. more
INT. Patrick sees a tall JAMAICAN man standing in the CORNER of the house as he ENTERS into his new BEGINNINGS and new home.
SueannaRoseMadison added an action in "Reunited" on 08/10/2013. SueannaRoseMadison made 12 other changes. more
Lillian: Patrick you don' have to beg you know I just had a baby and it would be hard, but I wont let you go back to that situation. you can come home baby.
SueannaRoseMadison edited an action in "One year later" on 08/10/2013. SueannaRoseMadison made 16 other changes. more
Patrick: I don't know?
SueannaRoseMadison added an action in "One year later" on 08/10/2013. SueannaRoseMadison made 1 other comment and 49 other changes. more
Patrick escapes to tell the neighbor that his brother and sister are trapped in the burning house that his step father set on fire

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