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Quick pitch

A group of incredibly unintelligent friends own a restaurant in southern New England -- though their mundane, food driven life suddenly becomes something completely different once they begin to understand the craziness of life. Hide your children, it is quite inappropriate.

This is intended to be a TV series. Each scene is a different episode.

(A new series with the same characters has been created on Plotbot, this one has been finished).

Project Type: Television (15 min)

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There is a long moment of silence. Suddenly, DANIEL erupts in a storm of furious laughter, that we can infer is completely fake. He laughs for a long moment, leaving a confused expression on JOHN's face. JOHN quickly walks inside in confusion and apparent fright.
Fetalisk edited dialogue in "I Don't Have Herpes" 2 weeks ago. Fetalisk made 5 other changes. more
It's just a stupid herpes document, I mean, calm down.
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INT. int. geronimo restaurant - night
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The animator points to a seat, which JOHN proceeds to sit in angrily.

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