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Julia, a high school girl is going through a hard time during high school. She slept with two guys, malcom, the school nerd, and nick, the popular guy in school. She has a dilema, as she gets pregnant, and she does not know which guy it is. The story goes through the mystery of who the father is.

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Julia (V.O.): That's me, Julia Lynn Smith, born February 14th, 1991. Yes, I'm a Valentines day baby. Ironic huh? That lady laying in the bed, that would be my crazy, embarrasing, annoying mom, Rabecca. The man looking like a fruitcake practicing breathing techniques with my mom is my dad, Bob. Both annoying, and both my parents.
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Oh thank god. lol
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Julia (V.O.): I was totally lying, but I didn't want him thinking I was a loser.
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Trust me, it’s not easy. It just proves how great I am.

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