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peter pan project

My Friends and i were the ones who worked together to make this-although i did most of the screenwriting-I made up the idea, Evan is the one who trying to produce it. Lexie and I are making auditions for it-we did this morning and need a little bit more people-Maria is the choreographer. she helps with the dances in the story. Lexie and Dulcy are the Vocal directors. They help with the singing. And I am the Director. Lexie is the co-Director.

Anyway I do not own any of the songs in this. so do not blame me. If you hear any songs that were performed by others. Do not blame or sue me because I am saying i do not own the songs. All I own is Faith, The shadow Dance song, Agents, Doctors, Waitress, Never-Land KINGDOM. Thats all i own. The other things that I do not own are preformed by others. Especially Peter Pan. Margaret is a half-own. Because nobody really performed her yet. They only mention her in the books. Molly-that was mention in this screenplay-is a character in the book: Peter and the Star catchers. I did not make that story either. All I did is get Peter Pan stories all mixed up together in a twist
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