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How Peter became Pan.

After Peter Pan's grandfather mysteriously dies of a heart attack. Peter gets in contact with a book said to hold the secrets of the NeverLand. He meets a fairy name Tinkerbell who takes him to NeverLand. Now you'll get to know how Hook lost his hand and Peter became Pan. You'll get to know of the Lost boys. And the Mysterious Mermaids. You'll get to know Tigerlilly and Peter met Wendy! Now that's a story

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa joined the project! on 05/01/2013. more
AelitaAngel101 edited an action in "A Childhood Lost" on 03/07/2010. AelitaAngel101 made 127 other changes. more
Peter tries to open the window, but it's slammed shut. Locked and barred isolating the people from the inside.
AelitaAngel101 added dialogue in "The Ooo-La-La Forest" on 03/07/2010. AelitaAngel101 made 3 other changes. more
Um, thank you for saving me.
AelitaAngel101 added an action in "The Ooo-La-La Forest" on 03/07/2010. AelitaAngel101 made 30 other changes. more
Starlight opens the door, Peter rushes in, then Starlight closes the door, locking it. The Ooo-La-La tries to break it, then sighs, now there is no more sound
AelitaAngel101 inserted dialogue in "The Lost Boys!" on 03/07/2010. AelitaAngel101 made 9 other changes. more
Why yes, Peter.

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