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Greek Project

The Sun God is seen standing on his balcony of his tower looking out towards a lake. He is thinking of his son. Flashback the Sun God and Daphne discuss what to do with their newborn baby. They decide to have him stay with Daphne and not to tell him who his father is. Many years later Phaethon wondering who his father is, asks his mother. After a heated debate, she finally gives in and tells him his father is the Sun God. She tells Phaethon to ask the Oracle where to find his father. He then travels to the park and finds the Oracle; an old, blind man; sitting on a bench. He then asks where his father is. The Oracle gives him instructions to cross a lake and find his father in a huge tower. He then goes to Morpheus, the ferryman, and asks him to ferry him across the lake. Morpheus nods and takes him across the lake on a kayak. Phaethon then goes to the building, takes the elevator, and enters the Sun Gods room. He looks around the room for a minute. But, then the Sun God enters the room. The Sun God is a very important, business like person, who has no time for Phaethon. Phaethon tries to have a conversation, but the Sun God is too busy. Phaethon then asks his father if he can ride his chariot. The Sun God first refuses but eventually lets him because he does not have time to argue. Phaethon then rides the chariot, which eventually catches on fire and blows up. As the pieces of the chariot fall to the ground, a man is seen walking away from the explosion. He drops a detonator onto a black cloak sitting on the ground.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)
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9 scenes
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