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Three kids are on a motorboat. They fall off the boat when it hits a giant wave. The kids discover an old pirate ship - and are whisked into a world of adventure.

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Ethee edited dialogue in "The Pirate Ship" on 01/24/2011. more
Ye go touch th' globe.
Ethee edited an action in "The Motorboat" on 01/20/2011. more
The boys' screams abruptly end as they hit the liferaft. SAM takes the oar and begins rowing to shore. ETHAN pulls the PIRATE FLAG inside of the liferaft.
Ethee added an action in "The Pirate Ship" on 11/10/2010. Ethee made 39 other changes. more
The OLD MAN is left alone in the room.
Ethee added a slugline in "The Motorboat" on 11/08/2010. Ethee made 36 other changes. more
INT. ext. shore - day
Ethee added a new scene titled "The Pirate Ship" on 10/17/2010. Ethee made 4 other changes. more

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