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A hometown pizza parlor run by a former punk rocker is in jeopardy when the big time players start moving in on his territory. Now the group of punk misfits that run the Punk Rock Pizza joint fight back, and they don't fight clean.

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ezra (v.O.) (CONT'D)
I proposed to Lily, my girlfriend, and with her help, got a business loan so I could buy Big Sal's and keep it running since Sal couldn't handle it any more. I decided to keep everything the same, but I did feel the need to update the name, with Sal's approval, of course.
ezra (v.O.) (CONT'D)
We were in this place, Madon's Pizza, all hours of the day and night. After every show, every bar trip, we knew the owner Sal, and he put up with our bullshit far longer than anyone else would or SHOULD have. We made a lot of good memories in that place, man. Well, eventually, my wild ass ways caught up with me. In the span of a week, I got arrested for DUI, Sal had a stroke AND I found out my girlfriend was pregnant. The veiny, throbbing dick of life had smacked me firmly across the forehead, and I was awake for the first time since the mid nineties. I needed to get my shit together quick, I was gonna be a father and I needed to do something to get my life together. I was gettin' old, and it was time to get my shit straight.

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