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Location: a reform school
Main character: secret service agent
Beloved: A vagabond

Project Type: Not Yet Specified.

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tyvezz added an action in "Let See What The Warden Has To Say" on 06/12/2013. tyvezz made 70 other changes. more
Riley nods her head an the two of them get into the squad car and drive off
tyvezz added dialogue in "Nurse Patterson Meeting 2" on 06/11/2013. tyvezz made 10 other changes. more
Agent Mcginn
Does this somebody have a name
tyvezz added a new scene titled "Let See What The Warden Has To Say" on 06/11/2013. tyvezz made 93 other changes. more
tyvezz added dialogue in "The Nurse is Hiding Something" on 06/11/2013. tyvezz made 8 other changes. more
Agent mcginn
Thank you
tyvezz edited dialogue in "The Nurse is Hiding Something" on 06/10/2013. more
That nurse has been up to no good, I don't know what she is up to but I don't trust

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