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HOWARD, 43, stands alone at the bus stop. Periodically he checks his POCKET WATCH, which reveals an old tattered photo of his family. Three young children smiling while above their heads he has his arm around his wife. He smiles but there is a hint of longing in his eyes, almost as if he lost something. The bus approaches the stop as it does he walks away.
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If only they missed me...
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The man approaches the ledge, climbs up, looks down, and falls to the ground below. On the ground the man's pocket watch lies broken next to him with the picture out of it. The back reads "Dear Dad, We will always love you no matter what. Your Children" The words he never heard or read.
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The girl falls to the ground and cries uncontrollably. She stops suddenly, and with the same determination as her neighbor, runs out of her apartment.

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