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Quick pitch

Argumentative, loony parents and their two children travel around the world escaping from illegal manners. Their children are unaware of the effects it is having on them, especially the eldest child Aurelia Bodale who is hallucinating what is really happening but no one else can tell.
The youngest child, 4 year old Samuel Bodalee is aware of his sisters delusions but can't pinpoint the problem.
Things take a turn when the two policeman searching for the family fall in love with the eldest daughter.

Project Type: Short Film (An hour)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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Susanne wallace
(flirtatiously looking at Bill Dethrow)
Oh thank you, good sir! God will praise you, i'm sure of it, this is marvelous. Coffee would be great though, it would indeed.

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