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A young documentary filmmaker tracks down one of the architects of the Iraq war who has retreated to a compound in the middle of the desert. There he is joined by scholar's daughter Jessica—an “otherworldly” woman from New York. The three build an odd, tender intimacy until a devastating event turns detachment into colossal grief.

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Suspense is trying to build but the silence and stillness outlive it. I realize now that I've been waiting for something. What was it? It was something outside conscious grasp until now. I've been waiting for a woman to arrive, a woman alone, someone to talk to here at the wall, in whispers, sparingly of course, or later, somewhere, trading ideas and impressions. A serious person, soft spoken, wearing a pale summer dress. Wasn't that it?
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man (whispering vo)
There were other galleries, entire floors, no point lingering in a secluded room in which whatever is happening takes forever to happen.
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The gallery door slides open and people enter, there is a glancing light from the area beyond, where others gather at some distance, browsing the art books and postcards in the gift shop.

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