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Quick pitch

Mellodi's a trainer with a big dream - to become the champion of the Pokemon League! She and her younger brother Matt travel across Unova to become a Pokemon master. Sort of...

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Recent changes

MaryPesik edited dialogue in "Route 3" 9 months ago. MaryPesik made 8 other changes. more
We got it back! Are you happy?
MaryPesik edited dialogue in "Mellodi's First Pokemon" 9 months ago. MaryPesik made 49 other changes. more
It's on! Go, Snivy!
MaryPesik added an action in "The Spinning of the Pinwheels" 11 months ago. MaryPesik made 11 other changes. more
Mellodi spies the entrance to the forest behind the gate. She runs through and follows the winding trail past dozens of tall, leafy trees.
MaryPesik added an action in "Nacrene City" a year ago. MaryPesik made 42 other changes. more
Mellodi turns to the east direction and speeds off.
MaryPesik added an action in "Nacrene City" a year ago. more
Snivy jumps up, and, spreading out his vines, slams down on Tympole, knocking it back.

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