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A group of college students film their day-to-day lives for a makeup grade in their film class but accidentally uncover a government scandal that involves local gangs and the murder of a teenage boy. The kids have to solve the crime and stop the decisions being made while trying not to get caught in the crossfires the police, gangs, and government.
All while on camera.

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Vanessa puts her arms around Va'Shawn
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Vera and Alex are sitting on the couch facing the TV that is on the news, working on an art project outline. Vera Jones, a short, stalky, dark skin black woman with dark eyes and wide features turns to turn up the TV after three beats. After she does, Alex Ramos, a tall, fit, light skin Latin male around 21 or so, turns to look at the screen with Vera. As they watch the news, Vanessa Edwards, a 20 year old light skin Afro latina with green eyes, walks in with a robe on. She has her wet hair wrapped in a towel. She walks pass Alex and Vera in the attempt to get Alex's attention, but he is glued to the TV. Vanessa walks to the kitchen and leans on the counter.
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Mr. Baker takes his hand off of Va'Shawn and staigtens out his cloth before talking.
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INT. int-Mr. Baker's film class. afternoon

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