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Its a project about, a couple who move into the house of a famous writer named Robert Paulsen. Robert dies after much speculation of his insanity. But as it seems the diary of the late Paulsen is found by the couple. His life is put into perspective. We find out that he had unrequited love for a detective that he researched for his latest novel. His journal talks about him seeing portals of heaven, but is this his lunacy or is this a real fact. He notices builds his house up more with his increased popularity these holes start to close. Are these holes real or are the just him being crazy, and is he going to receive the love he wants from the detective he loves.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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David, the Husband
This journal belongs to Robert Paulsen, though I may know much about.....
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Robert Paulsen (V.O)
The english language, I know little of the heart. One may think that a writer is a romantic, but those are a dying breed.

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