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A couple of good friends hang out, and end up getting into some crazy messes. And they have to find ways to get themselves out of these mess.

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gambitmagic201 edited dialogue in "Store/Flash back" on 03/16/2011. gambitmagic201 made 101 other changes. more
(his actions follow his story)
"so I was walking around the story, Picking out what I'm going to steal, checking out the Bitches in those car magazine. You know the ones with the..."
(Ryan gestures a set of Boobs with his hands.)
"Any way. I came across the condom rack. And Then It hit me."
( pause)
"I pulled off one of my safety Pins from
(were ever we are going to put them)
and I started poking holes in The boxes. Right in the middle so I know I made sure I hit all of them."
(Ryan snort laughs.)
"I told you guys It was good."

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