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Michael dies and is removed from the webseries because he doesn't deserve a role.

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No dude, she's a good friend and all but I don't like her that way. I'm into someone else though. So yeah, any suggestions on what to do?
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Every morning before school I take a quick jog around the neighborhood and end with a nice workout in the park. I really hated it at first but after two weeks of it, I gotta say, I'm really enjoying it.
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Suddenly, the FIGURE stands up and stabs him in the stomach with a knife. He gasps and falls to his knees, clutching his stomach as blood oozes from the gaps of his fingers. The camera drops to a sideways knee-level perspective and is shaky as JUSTIN runs towards MICHAEL. The mic is turned off in the middle of the attack. After JUSTIN places the camera on the ground, it turns black and stays that way for a few seconds.
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MICHAEL is on his laptop talking to TERRI on Facebook. There is a second tab with plotbot open.
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