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The true story of Michael Paul Larsen, an unemployed Ice Cream Truck Driver from Lebanon, Ohio who, on May 19, 1984, won over $100,000 on the hit TV game show "Press Your Luck."

As the movie begins, Michael is watching an episode of "Press Your Luck" and notices the patterns are very EASY to memorize.

So in 1984, Michael appears on the show, wins over $100,000--and is suspected by CBS executives of Cheating, only for network execs to discover he legitimately won the game.

In the end, however, producers and the show's creator, Bill Carruthers, change the patterns on the board to prevent future incidences from happening--and the show runs another 2 years until its CBS cancellation.

In the intervening years, Michael loses everything in a bad investment deal AND is robbed in a home invasion; he died of Throat Cancer in 1999.

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MICHAEL PAUL LARSEN (talking on a walkie talkie to his brother JAMES)

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