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Charlotte has a new customer at her parents diner. Little does she know, this new stranger will be her first love, and first heartbreak. He comes to ask if he can write her letters, for he is going off to the war. They develop a deep connection, and in the end she finds out he wants to propose. However, he is dying, and never makes it back.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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jchapman10 added a comment to Private Letters on 03/21/2012. more
They just met and they are already talking about being right for each other? Come on, that's not realistic at all. Maybe in High School, but these actors don't seem to be in High School. It should be just a casual conversation, not a conversation about John complimenting her in almost every line and making her blush.
BrittanyFry joined the project! on 03/12/2012. more
SmurfJ edited the scene order. on 04/22/2008. SmurfJ made 17 other changes. more
SmurfJ added dialogue in "Diner" on 04/12/2008. SmurfJ made 19 other changes. more
Charlie, I think you've been coming here for a bit too long.
SmurfJ added dialogue in "Diner" on 04/07/2008. SmurfJ made 2 other changes. more
Well, Lottie, seems like some boy finally stumbled upon our little lady huh?

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