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We are back in the car, same shot we ended on earlier. Bill gazes back to the phone, it’s a POV shot. He silences the phone but doesn’t answer, puts it back in the cupholder, coffee right next to it. He proceeds to drive and smile. After putting the phone down, Bill reaches for the nearby coffee. He hits a bump and spills coffee on himself. His girlfriend begins to laugh and smile (knowing that it was Bill’s clumsiness with coffee that initially brought them together in the first place). Bill’s begins to smile and laugh too. Gazing at his girlfriend, everything becomes slow motion. He is happy, he knows that she’s the one, it’s moments like this that he loves, this is his life for the rest of his life and he is happy. Lights begin to fill the screen. The look on his GF’s face goes from happy to horrified. We hear the screeching of car wheels, the scene cuts to black, and we hear cars collide.

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