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Gordon_Hendry edited dialogue in "TEASER" on 11/11/2013. more
Yes dad. Studying will always come first, but i will make sure to release every once in a while.
Gordon_Hendry added a transition in "Scene 4" on 11/11/2013. Gordon_Hendry made 32 other changes. more
Gordon_Hendry edited dialogue in "SCENE 1" on 11/11/2013. Gordon_Hendry made 8 other changes. more
What kind of stuff? I like stuff too! My first love is science but i am really interested in Roman History. I don't really know why but I just think....
Gordon_Hendry added an action in "Scene 3" on 11/08/2013. Gordon_Hendry made 37 other changes. more
Seth exits leaving Chris alone with the sheet of paper. Seth has left a gun on the other side of the table with 3 bullets inside it.
Gordon_Hendry added dialogue in "Scene 2" on 11/08/2013. Gordon_Hendry made 19 other changes. more
You are here Chris, to make a difference. Too many people in this world

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