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3 semi-artificial super humans, fighting an alien invasion...

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These Three were a force to be reckoned with, they all enjoyed baggin' up aliens as much as the other. In fact, that's the whole reason they were designed. A government project known as "Cerberus," developed shortly after our first contact, and subsequently first invasion of an outside world; was our best defense. Three semi-artificial "superheroes" were created, each with differing, exceptional traits. Blaze, had an internal speedometer that rose to over three-hundred miles per hour; he was the skill of the team. Doc, a graduated doctor, was the brains of the operation; his procedure took the longest. Last, the backbone of the team was undeniably, Brick. His immense stature and strength made him an easy target to enemies that preferred fighting at a distance; if only the bullets could penetrate his skin. When combined, the three made a virtually unstoppable team, equipped with the latest scavenged alien weaponry.

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