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A group of teenagers soon discover that they have superhuman abilities. They come from different walks of life but all have something in common... a secret in their past. As it unfolds, they each begin looking for answers. But instead, their answer finds them.

Project Type: Television

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ALEXIS ( 15) is standing on stage in front of a large crowd. She looks extremely nervous, and keeps popping her knuckles. She's bright eyed and pretty, in a girl next door way. She wears a white lacey dress and her hair is neatly curled. A lady on the piano is a few feet behind her, waiting for her cue. ALEXIS looks out into the crowd. Her mother, VIVIAN ( 38, very beautiful, wearing business attire) is seen sitting on the right side of the audience. The chair next to her is empty. ALEXIS is expecting her father, DOMINIC to show up and her brother, AARON, who is supposed to perform with her.
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Gloved hands reach in through the window, grabbing at DOMINIC. AARON tries to force himself forward to help when a great force yanks him out of the car and onto the street. He lands 10 feet away from the burning vehicle.
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Bright lights shine through DOMINICS window and we see an eighteen wheeler come into view, smashing into their vehicle.
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