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As the captain of his high school football team, Sean struggles with a secret passion he has...to prove science wrong and create a working perpetual motion engine.

He has long had an obsession for physics; one that's been buried since he was a child. Wanting to escape his clich├ęd lifestyle shaped by football, he sets out on a journey to inevitably create what mankind believes to be "impossible."

Armed with his intermediate knowledge and the passion to pursue the unreachable, his journey begins...

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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zionmoose edited an action in "Opening" on 11/08/2008. zionmoose made 11 other changes. more
Sean walks towards the front door in annger, with MARTIN ACTON shadowing behind.
zionmoose edited an action in "Opening" on 10/30/2008. zionmoose made 62 other changes. more
All the background noise fades, and Sean closes his eyes.
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Loud music in the background.
zionmoose edited dialogue in "The Party" on 06/01/2008. zionmoose made 14 other changes. more
Were all missin' you in there bro.

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