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Juian is a composer living in Boston with his wife, Sam and two children when his mother, Cynthia calls from Providence, RI concerning the declining health of her husband, Julian's step-father. Upon arriving in Providence to comfort his mother, Julian finds Cynthia has taken advantage of the unfortunate circumstances to try and reunite Julian and his estranged siblings: Henry, Claire & Sidney.

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FoxeyHound added a comment to Provocation, RI 02905 on 12/21/2009. more
I like it, I really do. I just think that it's going into the action a little bit too quick. Not that it's a bad thing, per say, it's just that I feel like I was thrusted upon this guy who I don't know nor had the chance to be introduced to, and his problem he has.

Otherwise, good!
andrew89 edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 07/25/2009. andrew89 made 15 other changes. more
He hangs up the phone slowly. He takes off his glasses and massages between his eyes again, and for the first time we see entirely what Julian looks like. he is a man of ordinary stature, about 5'10'' or 5'11''. Perhaps he is slightly overweight. He has a short cropped hair cut and a light complexion. We See Julian leaving his house through the front door with a light suitcase. He is headed to the Scion XB sitting in his driveway. As he does so the camera pans out of the house, perhaps through a window, or the reverse of the first camera action.

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