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Quick pitch

A girl runs away from home and gets on the city bus on the way across town to the train station. She meets a guy a little older than her that is also running away. the movie is about what unfolds...

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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ttv0071230 edited dialogue in "Scene 2: The Bus" on 09/21/2014. more
About three-quarters.
ttv0071230 added dialogue in "Scene 4: Dinner" on 06/11/2009. ttv0071230 made 16 other changes. more
Okay. I'll be waiting.
ttv0071230 added dialogue in "Scene 4: Dinner" on 06/09/2009. ttv0071230 made 62 other changes. more
Um... it was a combination of a bunch of things.
ttv0071230 added dialogue in "Scene 3: Rescue" on 06/09/2009. ttv0071230 made 26 other changes. more
No, I was. I was just a little moody and all. You know, I kinda just left home. I wasn't planning on talking to anyone before I got to the city.
ttv0071230 edited an action in "Scene 3: Rescue" on 06/08/2009. ttv0071230 made 12 other changes. more
The mugger backs away for a few paces and then turns and makes a brisk pace down the road. Zach stuffs the .38 back into his waistband, turns, and jogs back down the road.

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