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punjabi movie

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rabinrai commented on the outline. on 02/08/2012. more
good good! carry on... you are doing great! now not much left.. you finish it and leave me the screenplay part.
jaymaan commented on the outline. on 02/08/2012. more
Next, Jeet gets home, his sister tells him what happened earlier with grandmom about the proposal. He brusts out to his dad and says that its not fair that no one asked his opinion the matter, his father too gets angry and says his head of the house and if Jeet is not obey and not happy he can leave. Jeet gets leaves the house and goes to his friend Happy at middle of the night.

He txts Simar to meet him, he tries to explain the issue and says that they wont be happy later in life if they go out of their families wishes and etc. Jeet controls his emotions but Simar is in emotional breakdown. He then leaves says that its better for them to break-up. Later that night Simar txts Jeet that it was best moments of her life spent together with him and will not forget after her death or something like that. Jeet senses something is wrong, he runs to looking for her, and finally finds her at a place where they most hangout. She is trying to sucide and Jeet calm her down and saves her.

Next, Jeet Simar Deepu and Happy, meet up and sit talk about the whole issue. They think of many ideas but Jeet insists to go the hard way and that is by convincing his stubborn father. Deepu and Happy tries to tell them don't worry and that there will be a way out.

After few days the grandmom arrives, they all go to receive her. Later she finds out from Jeet's sister that Jeet is seeing SImar and Dad doesn't approve the girl. Next day grandmom tells Jeet's dad about the affair, Dad defends his opinion but grandmom says you have to do what i say. And she says that we will go meet Simar and her mom at their place. Jeet gets excited and tells the new to Simar, Deepu and Happy.

Next, Jeet family visits Simar place. Everyone is impressed by Simar and are happy, except Jeet's dad. He indirectly insults Simar about her father and this doesn't go digested by Simar's mom who asks them to leave politely. When they leave, Simar's mom asks her to stay away from Jeet and his family for the sake of the reputation whatever is left.

While home, Grandmom is very upset and scolds Jeets Dad about his behavior, but he is stubborn. Jeet says ok you don't want me to marry her ok, then i wont but i wont marry anyone else too and he steps out again, drinking alone walking on the roads. While Simar is at home crying too.

Next, Simar's mom fixes her marriage with a guy from punjab, and says boys from punjab are better than the ones in hk. They are hardworking and respectful not like ones here. When Simar tells this to Jeet and he's even more upset the way things are going in their life now. The guy from punjab arrives and they get married in court so that he can stay here and get ready for their engagement first. Jeet and Happy finds situation very out of hand and they cant do anything about it.

As days pass by, the guy from punjab gets involved in druggies and bad guys in area of mong kok. One day he gets over dozed and dies on the spot, his druggie friends gets scared and runaway from the sence as well. Next his news spreads all over and Simar and her mom is glad that they found out the truth before anything happened.

(Till here then will write more 2mrow) Good night!
rabinrai commented on the outline. on 02/07/2012. more
lol! good luck i stop here today!
jaymaan commented on the outline. on 02/07/2012. more
I will do it 2mrow full till end, i had written almost till 70% will add remaining 30% to story and put here. Its in my mind.
rabinrai commented on the outline. on 02/06/2012. more
Before interval: Jeet and Simar are caught red handed by Jeet's sister Preet in some romantic situation. Preet would make fun of her brother but Jeet takes promise from her by giving some gift that she will not disclose it to their parents yet. But every now in then at home, she threatens her brother to tell their parents and get him buy things for her. A friend of Jeet's dad asked him about Jeet's relationship. At first he takes it light heartedly but when he comes to know whose daughter is Simar, he is very upset and angry...[This should be interval ;)

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