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Quick pitch

Two kids find a lost ghost named Purdie in a forest. The three develop close relationships as Prudie seeks revenge for her killer.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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RachelPanda inserted an action in "FOREST-AFTERNOON" on 03/12/2012. RachelPanda made 4 other changes. more
His parents, MARK WEBSTER and HOLLY WEBSTER are sitting on the couch together watching television.
RachelPanda edited dialogue in "FOREST-AFTERNOON" on 03/11/2012. more
Oh...Yeah. Call me for dinner.
RachelPanda inserted an action in "FOREST-AFTERNOON" on 03/11/2012. RachelPanda made 65 other changes. more
Leo trudges off as June still stands there, curiously staring towards the direction of the sound.
RachelPanda deleted the scene "JUNE'S HOUSE-EVENING" on 03/10/2012. RachelPanda made 30 other changes. more
RachelPanda added a slugline in "Purdie" on 03/10/2012. RachelPanda made 57 other changes. more
INT. int. house-night

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