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This project began as a parody of science fiction films with nonexistent budgets, in which two snack pretzels try to overcome insurmountable odds and return to humanity or whatever mental state they began with, even if they must destroy the universe, in order to save it, probably. Now comes the unrewarding bliss of trying to generate jokes which will play for a handful of pretzels.
Another animated classic to get the kiddies to rush home to watch, except for all the profanity and simulated pretzel eroticism.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Recent changes

Manimator added dialogue in "Spaceship Interior (bf the mall)" on 03/03/2008. more
Why doesn't she see the spaceship?
Manimator edited dialogue in "Jennifer decides to talk" on 02/17/2008. more
Except for our training that it's never the aliens, I'm almost sure that this displaced sense of mental somethingness it's got to be aliens.
Manimator added dialogue in "Jennifer decides to talk" on 02/17/2008. Manimator made 28 other changes. more
You can rock my world any time,
Manimator added dialogue in "The Lake of Beer" on 02/16/2008. Manimator made 8 other changes. more
I'm a little busy, I'm sure you'll find someone to tell you where you can put your quarter.
Manimator added an action in "The Lake of Beer" on 02/16/2008. Manimator made 2 other changes. more
The third pretzel follows behind Pretzel D and takes a position at the stylized bar beside him.

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