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Dan Parker recently has been released from a rehab center and is now trying to start a new life clean of alcohol and drugs. To start of, he relocates himself in a different part of the state to avoid drug dealers. He decides to move into a newly marketed home. While being shown around the house by the saleswoman, he discovers a birdcage with a Grey Parrot in the living room named Edgar. Reason his name is Edgar is because of his favorite phrase “Nevermore”. Unfortunatly, the last person living in the house left in their will that the parrot stays with the house. The Saleswoman assures the man that the Parrot is old and will probably die soon anyways. Since he couldn’t get rid of it he decided to take the house and wait for the parrot to pass on.
Then stange events happen that connect to Edgar. A good suspense story.

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He Then looks down at the floor to find that the cover had fallen off during the night.
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