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It's an anime movie in my mind but it could be live-action if you like. The corporation is after Rad and has been since before he can remember, when he was running with his mother. After she died he took on the fight all alone. He doesn't know why they must be thwarted, he only knows that they must be. They do some bad stuff so he's sure he's in the right but not knowing why they were after his mother makes him a little anxious. Anyway, in the movie we start with him on his own and then he meets a girl who is not his romantic interest but a sort of follwer/hanger-on. She follows him everywhere and at times gets him into more trouble than he would have gotten into on his own. The overall plot is him going through the data he finds and finding out why his mother was chased and why he is now trying to take down the corporation.

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Nikkicoolkitty commented on the scene "We Meet Nirvana." on 08/18/2012. more
We meet Nirvana, then we meet her soon-to-be husband, and father. Along with two maids, one of which seems to flirt with her intended in some small way. A hidden smile.
Nikkicoolkitty added an action in "We Meet Nirvana" on 08/14/2012. Nikkicoolkitty made 49 other changes. more
We come in the window, from the windowsill, sweeping over to a wide bed with Nirvana lying back on it, playing with her small kitten.

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