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Mike is being judged upon his life to determine his admittance into Heaven or Hell.

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adamskov edited dialogue in "Scene 1" on 02/13/2011. more
Mr. Johnson, He's ready for you.
adamskov added an action in "Scene 4" on 02/06/2011. adamskov made 21 other changes. more
Jake takes a pictures of Elise, holds it in his hand for a couple of seconds and then throws it across the wall.
adamskov edited an action in "Scene 3" on 02/06/2011. adamskov made 77 other changes. more
Jake takes a sip of beer while looking across the room at Elise. She turns and looks back at him. Jake signals to her and they begin talking.
adamskov edited the outline. on 01/30/2011. adamskov made 2 other changes. more

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