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The nation of Lour took everything from Asta when he was just just seven years old. His home, his family, his life. Now he is left with nothing but hatred for it and anyone from there.
Carmaih had her life planned out perfectly for her, starting with calling her that horrible name. She can't stand to live in this world of hers, and can't watch her family be torn apart for the sake of the king.
These two opposite people meet by chance... Or did they?
A prophesy arises, a prophesy that was told of many years ago and repeated in different forms over the ages. It Starts with the love of two people of different nations and class. Because of this prophesy, the entire human race will be redeemed. And it seems the prophesy involves these two young rebels.
They must battle evil that strives to make sure it never comes true. An evil betrothed, a friend that betrays, a King that rules, and Læb himself.... The ultimate father of pain. Who will do anything in his power to stop them from fulfilling... The Promise

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cwaziewriter added an action in "In Doub" on 09/09/2011. cwaziewriter made 57 other changes. more
PA lets go of RENNA in shock. He hugs ASTALAM and LOAN as they all cry.
cwaziewriter added an action in "In Doub" on 09/09/2011. cwaziewriter made 38 other changes. more
RENNA starts to stroke ASTALAM's hair move vigorously. Attempting to console him.

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