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VIRAL: The first book in the series. It surrounds a girl trapped within her wizard. She isn't the first to be trapped like this but also isn't the last one either. Perhaps the secret lies with the GM that runs around the alleys silently. What could be his reason to keep away from everyone?

Contamination: The second book in the series. It surrounds the first person who was trapped within Ragnarok. Unlike the wizard, he thinks it could be something with a NPC running through the towns. Whenever he gets near the NPC, it turns into another monster or person and hide itself.

Quarantine: Everyone is now trapped within Ragnarok it seems. No one knows what to do anymore except to live their new life in Rune Midgard. The final books explains the story behind why the GM has been hiding for so long from everyone.

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This is Ragnarok. So if anything you should recognize a lot of us here.

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