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A documentary about a man with developed short-term memory loss. However, when he falls in love, the battle against the disease escalates into much more.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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Now, Dr. Walden is revealed to us. He sits at his office and speaks candidly with the camera. He is relaxed and speaks out of care for Ralph, rather than professionalism.
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Dr. Walden
He worked at the library before it all began. Before the initial psychosis began. His emloyers were very generous to cope with his issues. We were all pleased to hear so. It can often be difficult for people to adapt to these sorts of things. I've found that in my work, the most common problem with a person is not the mental suffering they endure, but in fact the emotional trauma their affiliates go through. Through trying times it is difficult for humanity to simply rest easy and adapt.
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Ralph is standing inside, at the opening of the door, the door swung wide open. He hesitates to take a step outside.

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