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A parallel dimension of ours contains another Earth, which houses many species that live as one. These include humans, skilled in every craft; dwarves, miners and technicians of their land; elves, masters of magic and wizardry; draconians, offspring of dragons; and orcs, skilled fighters and warriors. When the elvish king steals a magic crystal and declare war on all species, one person of every species on Earth must join to defeat the Elvish empire. These include:
Zachary - Human musketeer
(Musket, sword)
Feng Lao - An elvish spy and skilled wizard.
Conan - A dwarven engineer and tank builder
(Shield, ax, and flintlock pistol)
Draco - a draconian author and writer
(Bow and arrow)
Leonidas - an Orcish warrior and blacksmith
(Battle hammer)
Together they will retrieve the Crystal of Kreguun, cast a spell on it, and save Earth. However, not all allies are equally faithful, as the elves are easily persuaded by dark forces. They will encounter many dangers among enemies, as well as themselves. They will travel to all corners of the globe, and fiight in many battles. These include:

N. America = Terricania [ humans and dwarves ]
- Buffalo
- Mammoths
- Giants

S. America = Mayania [ Mid-toned humans and orcs ]

Europe = Redan [ humans and elves ]
- Giant birds
- Wild dogs
- Goblins

M. East = Denje Laar [ Drakkonians, mid-toned humans ]
- Raptors
- Giant scorpions
- Antelopes
- Saber-toothed lion

SE Asia = Laoania [ elves ]
- Giant land birds (like ostriches)
- Sting Squids (flying jellyfish)
- Gnomes

N Asia (Russia) = Cherduncha [ Dwarves, humans, and orcs ]
- Mammoths
- Giant Badgers
- Trolls

Africa = Aktejaal [ Orcs, dark-skinned humans ]
- Saber-toothed lion
- Firebeast (T-Rex that shoots fire)
- Locusts

Heaven = The Sky Realm [ Gods and Divines ]
- Ice dragons
- Lesser Divines

Hell = Abyss of Kreguun [ Kogegs, dark elves, and demons ]
- Fire dragons
- Undead

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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"In a distant parallel dimension of space lies a planet with a great legend. One which a great evil was destroyed by one of each intelligent species on earth. It started when the Evlish king Wo Fruun ordered his men to raid a dark temple and destroy it. They had to steal an ancient crystal, which would grant the user godlike power and control of the elements. A human musketeer and his team of diverse friends set out on a journey to stop a great evil from destroying earth. They must destroy the crystal and send it back into the abyss."
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[ Zachary walks into the station. ]
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