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Lydia grabs a nearby chair and flings it at Annie. Annie is hit, on the shoulder, and knocked to the floor. Lydia launches herself at the prone woman, clawing at her face and arms. Annie lies, possibly unconscious, beneath her, helpless and unmoving. A large amount of yelling is heard, and the other patients become involved. Darlene screams, her eyes still fixed on her unseen interest, at an ever increasing decibel. A few of the patients attempt to break up the fight, though they eventually are forced into it. Dr. Parcell is shown at a wall intercom, calling for the orderlies. A chair flies in her direction, hitting and cracking the wall a few feet from her face. She clings to the wall for safety. The orderlies enter, each men of very large stature, and begin to club the patients. The patients, brutally aware of the pain on their backs, begin to flee but are quickly grabbed by the orderlies. They are each dragged intp seperate holding cells, effectively ending the riot. The scene ends with Dr. Parcell releasing the tension within her with a sigh of relief.

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